Project #365Aware

Be more aware of the people around you 365 days a year.
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Project #365Aware Organizes Unexpected Kindness Blitz

Project #365Aware originated in the mind of USU grad, Braden Thompson. The project is an initiative to help make doing good things become the norm, instead of the exception. Since we are on this earth with so many other people, It would be selfish to not be so aware as to acknowledge that they exist.

Initially, the project was born as a challenge to talk to strangers. Braden took a risk and went against everything his and all other good parents drill into the brains of their children… Braden has set out to talk to a stranger every day for 365 days. The theory? Even if going out of your way to talk to someone you do not know does not change anything in their life, why is that any reason not to do it? It is time to expand our knowledge of the world around us and become more aware of the people we share it with. 

After weeks of experiences the idea and mission of Project #365Aware began to grow. With overwhelming support rolling in, he decided to leverage the situation and find a way to do the most good with it.

The Unexpected Kindness Blitz is based on the idea that being kind every day is good, but combining the efforts of as many as possible and unleashing them on the same day will start a ripple effect of kindness larger than the sum of the parts.

The date of the UKB is October 7. Those wishing to participate can sign up via Thunderclap to show support and spread the word. 

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